Fuel Power Assistant

Fuel Power Assistant


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Buy Fuel Power Assistant at the best price. With the new Fuel Power Assistant you can save from 10 to 30% of fuel in your car.  The Fuel Power Assistant is a fuel-saving device that uses an electrolytic capacitor.

The Fuel Power Assistant can store and activate electricity at any time. Electricity and all the electronic components of your car fluctuate according to travel conditions, use of multimedia devices or any electronic part of the engine.

The Fuel Power Assistant stabilises that energy avoiding unnecessary peaks and applies it only when it's necessary. It pays to use the Fuel Power Assistant, as it saves you from 10 to 30% of fuel. The Fuel Power Assistant is easy to install and you won't need the help of a mechanic. Just switch the Fuel Power Assistant to the car lighter and you'll start saving on fuel.

The result is a more efficient and complete fuel combustion improving fuel consumption and producing cleaner emissions. With the Fuel Power Assistant you'll save money and you'll save the environment too!


  • With the Fuel Power Assistant you can save up to 30% on fuel
  • Cleaner nonpolluting emissions
  • Easy and compact
  • Compatible with any vehicle
  • The Fuel Power Assistant extends the life of the battery. The Fuel Power Assistant is ecological as it promotes a cleaner environment.

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